September 19, 2013

The Rocket

Like its title, this movie is certainly soaring like a rocket by winning awards, garnering positive critical reviews, and more recently this past week as reported by many news outlets, Australia has submitted this film to the Oscars (for the 86th Academy Awards!) in the category of Best Foreign Film.

It's a Lao language movie by Australian director/writer Kim Mordaunt about a young boy born a twin from the ethnic minority group in Laos called the Akha.  The Akha have a belief that twins are a sign of bad luck.  Born into an unfortunate situation in a village unaccepting of him, the movie follows his life, his struggles, sorrow and more importantly his adventure, coming of age and redemption (not to mention, there's also a Lao James Brown! 555 :-).  Watch the official trailer.

Can't wait to see the film.  And good luck to all those involved in the movie!  To learn more check out the following links:

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