September 25, 2013

Laos au Rythme du Mekong

Film documentaire en français sur le Laos s'appelle Laos au Rythme du Mekong.  Documentary film in French on Laos called Laos to the rhythm of the Mekong.  Well made and beautiful video that aired on t.v.  For those who don't understand French, I think you'll still enjoy watching it.

The show takes you through quite a lot.  From Luangprabang, woodcarving, music, dancing, paper making, bread making, cooking, different villages, elephants, Vientiane, Buddhist ceremony, coffee farm, and Wat Phu.

There's a scene towards the end where an old Lao man is making candy by boiling the liquid he collects from the palm trees.  This candy is unique to southern Laos.  Years ago I had the opportunity to try some of this candy as it had been given to me as a gift.  It was wrapped vertically in a bamboo holder.  It was delicious!  It reminded me of the maple syrup candy from Canada where they boil the sap from maple trees.

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