January 15, 2015

Same Image: Real Photo vs. Painting

One of my secret little pleasures when shopping in Laos are to look out for different postcards to buy.  I absolutely love the variety and the photography in them.  Funnily enough, I buy these not to necessarily mail them out but rather I keep them for myself!

Here's a postcard of Vang Vieng.  It features a farmer's rest hut in the middle of a rice field.

Rest hut in a rice field in Vang Vieng by Michel Huteau
Photo Credit:  Michel Huteau

Then as I continued shopping on a subsequent day, I found the following beautiful line drawing painted in with water colors.  Guess what it was a painting of?

Painting of a Rest hut in a rice field in Vangvieng, Laos, Painted by Anousone
Artist Credit:  Anousone, 2003

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