January 09, 2016

LNTV - Lao President of the National Assembly Meets Lao Expats

Recognizing the integral part that Lao expatriates play in Laos' development, the Lao government organized what is likely its first high level meeting with a group of Lao expatriates to discuss how they can continue to help contribute towards development, working and starting businesses in Laos, and so fourth.

Video Credit:  LaoNewsTV, Dec. 2 2015

While the situation in Laos still needs to be fine tuned to truly encourage Lao expats to return to Laos and essentially reintegrate them, this event shows a marked change in attitude by the Lao government towards the hundreds of thousands of Lao expats living around the world.

Many Lao expats living abroad continue to have close ties to family and relatives in Laos where many visit Laos regularly and send money to relatives and friends there.

Here's the news clip from LaoNewsTV of Ms. Pany Yathotou, President of the National Assembly, meeting with the group of Lao expats.

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