January 21, 2016

Vientiane: Best Chinese Food Outside of China

By:  Adam Hodge, CNN,  January 9, 2014.

 Photo Credit:  Adam Hodge

Chinese businessmen taking advantage of Laos' development boom are fueling demand for great, authentic regional cuisine.

It’s boom time in Laos. The country's unprecedented economic growth has inspired the country’s powerful neighbors to rush in for a slice of the pie.

The hungriest of them all is China.

Chinese businessmen arrive in Vientiane and many settle in the Chinese enclave just outside the city, Sanjiang Cheng (Three Rivers City).

For the best Chinese food in Laos, hit Sanjiang Cheng. On the left, a restaurant serving delicious roast duck. Here, they purchase Chinese goods, communicate in Mandarin and, of course, eat traditional Chinese food.

In other countries, Chinese food is heavily influenced by the host country's native ingredients and preferences. In Laos, however, Chinese ingredients are often easy to acquire.

These factors combine to make Vientiane one of the best places outside of China to sample China’s regional cuisines.

You just have to know where to find it.

The Sanjiang Cheng area offers almost every one of the “Eight Great Traditions of Chinese Cuisine."

The following four are standouts, but finding authentic food at other restaurants in the little district is easy.

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