December 08, 2016

A Time Traveling Drama

Entitled The River Flow, here's another Lao based movie that recently screened at the Luangprabang Film Festival about a time traveling young girl.  A film from director Makoto Kumazawa.  In Lao with English subtitles.

 Video Credit:  Lao New Wave Cinema

Full description:
Noy has runaway from home to chase her dream of living in the big city. One day, while on vacation with her hi-so friends, she accidentally travels back in time to the year 1960 - a time when Laos was in a civil war. There she meets Kawai, a young Japanese man doing research for the first dam project in Laos. When Noy meets him, Kawai has been parted from his crew. Noy and Kawai are saved by Din, a young Lao boy who brings them to his welcoming parents. While Noy struggles to find her way home, she has to re-learn the way of life in the countryside.


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