December 16, 2016

What's in the Market?

Title:  ມີຫຍັງແດ່ຢູ່ໃນຕະຫຼາດ / What's in the Market? A Visitor's Guide to Lao Tastes, Culture, and Daily Life
By:  ສອນສຸລິລັດ ວົງສຸລິນ / Sonesulilat Vongsouline
Publisher / Year: Big Brother Mouse, 2010
Book Sponsor:  Deborah Edwards and Friends

Ever wonder about the names of the items you see in the Lao markets?  Well, this book helps to answer many of those items.

It's definitely helpful.  I learned quite a bit from it actually.   Indeed there were times when I was strolling through the markets in Laos and didn't always know the names of all the stuff I was seeing.

This book could very well serve as a good language book as well since it's written in an easy to read format, bilingually (Lao/English) along with lots of pictures.  At 80 pages, it includes 101 fascinating, delicious or fun items you find in Lao markets.

Table of Contents:

ຂອງຫວານແລະອາຫານເບົາ Desserts and Snacks
ອາຫານ Food
ເຄື່ອງປຸງອາຫານ Food Ingredients
ອາຫານຈາກປ່າ From the Forest
ອາຫານຈາກສວນ From the Garden
ເຄື່ອງໃນເຮືອນຄົວ Kitchen Items
ພີທີທາງສາສະໜາ For Religious Ceremonies
ເຄື່ອງຂອງແມ່ຍິງ Women's Articles
ເຄື່ອງມືເຮັດນາແລະລ່າສັດ Hunting and Farming Tools
ຂອງຂັວນທີ່ມີຄ່າ Good Gifts
ເຄື່ອງໜ້າສົນໃຈ Highlights

Here are sample pages:

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