March 26, 2017

ຖາມຫຍັງກໍໄດ້ - Ideas

Ask Anything Series on
Question:  Where do you get your ideas from?  Do you ever run out of things to write about or things to post on the blog?

Answer:  Honestly, it's just from random ideas that pop into my head.  Sometimes they come to me while I'm working or driving somewhere or when I'm about to fall asleep.  Sometimes it comes from conversations with others or something I came across during my day.  There are also times when people email or message me with suggestions as well - which I truly do appreciate!

At the end of the day, most of the stuff that goes up on the site is stuff that personally interests me and so I hope it interests others when I share it online.

Examples, such as when I share an informative book I've just recently read, or a news article I find intriguing, or a delicious recipe my mom and I worked on, or a beautiful picture of Laos, etc.

I'll also admit that I also get creative block (otherwise known as writer's block) and will have no ideas for several days or a couple of weeks.  Then after I give it a break, the ideas come flooding into my head.  Not sure why it happens that way but it just does.

This is a part of the new ຖາມຍັງກໍໄດ້ Ask Anything Series here on where we're sharing the many questions people have asked us over the years from in-person conversations, email, Facebook, and the blog. 

For those wanting to add to the conversation, your comments below the posts are welcome. Feel free to make contact in Facebook to ask questions.  Most people don't want their names published and that wish will be respected.

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