September 14, 2017

From my home to you

From my home to you

A word about strings...

Lao homes always have extra braided string bracelets called fai, that have been blessed by the monks, on hand for special occasions, planned or unplanned.  The tying of the strings around someone's wrist (called mut kaen) is the equivalent of giving them a blessing.

Usually you'll see them made with white string but others use yellow and orange too.  I have to admit I keep some around as well.  These ones pictured here were from our local temple where the head monk gave some to my mom who in turn let me keep some on hand.

Why the eggs you may ask?  When receiving a blessing as someone is tying the string around your wrist, it is symbolic gesture to in turn to hold in your hand an offering to them.  It's optional though.   Further, it can be anything really but usually it's a hard boiled egg or a piece of fruit.  Of course, the other person doesn't actually take the item.

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