September 11, 2017

Lao Beauty Pageants Galore

If it seems like there's been a recent explosion of beauty pageants happening Laos or having Lao representation, you'd be correct with that.

Lao beauty pageant winners 2016/2017

There used to be a time when the main beauty pageants in Laos were the Miss Lao New Year ນາງສົງການ and also the Miss Laos ນາງສາວລາວ competitions.

Now there are several more.  To be certain, here's the list so far:
  • Miss ASEAN Friendship 2017 - Laos was represented
  • Miss Grand Laos ມີສແກຣນລາວ - Chinnaly Norasing ຈິນນາລີ ນໍລະສິງ crowned 2017
  • Miss International Laos. ມີສອິນເຕີເນຊັນແນລລາວ - Phounesup Phonyotha crowned 2017
  • Miss Lao New Year ນາງສົງການ - multiple crowns as this is held in different cities
  • Miss Laos ນາງສາວລາວ Boutsaba Saengpan crowned 2016
  • Miss Supranational ມີສຊຸປຣາເນຊັນແນລລາວ - Laos will be represented
  • Miss Universe Laos ມີສຢູນີເວີຣສລາວ - Souphaphone Somvichith crowned 2017
  • Miss World Laos ມີສເວີຣລາວ Tonkham Phonchanhueang crowned 2017

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