October 23, 2017

The 4th Lao Vegan Festival 2017

Many people may be familiar with the Lao Food Festival that takes place in January.  However, this one called the Lao Vegan Festival is a bit different as you can tell by the name of it.

They sometimes alternate their English title between Lao Vegan Festival and Lao Vegetarian Festival. And for their Lao title they use ເທດ​ສະ​ການ​ອາ​ຫານ​ເພື່ອ​ສຸ​ຂະ​ພາບ​ which could be translated simply as Healthy Food Festival.  Either way it's veg related and totally awesome.

If you love Lao food, then you'll appreciate its many forms. Consider checking this out.  It's going on right now at Vientiane Center, October 19-28, 2017.

Note:  The Lao word for vegetarian and vegan food is ເຈ jae.  While in English there is a distinction between the 2 words, there is none in Lao.

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