December 28, 2017

Food Market Upclose - Banana Flowers

Food Market Upclose - Banana Flowers

When it comes to bananas most people don't think much about the entire plant as a whole but rather just the yellow fruit that we've all come to know and enjoy.

As such, it may come to a surprise to some people, especially when walking in the vegetable markets of Laos, to see a whole bunch of these purple looking plants.  They are in fact the unopened flower buds of the banana tree, called mak bpee ໝາກປີ.

In Laos, they're chopped thinly, giving them a shredded like appearance. 

They have a very bitter, almost astringent, flavour.  Thus, you would never eat it on its own.  Instead, you would add it to counter a savoury dish.  In fact, they're often used in different meat salads (or lap as they're called in Lao or goy pa if referring to a fish based meat salad).

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