May 17, 2018

Luangprabang in April

Luangprabang in April

I visited Luangprabang after the Lao New Year (LNY) recently.  It was in the hopes of avoiding the crowds and also because I spent an exuberant new year's in Vientiane.

But even arriving after LNY in Luangprabang, the crowds were still out at certain temples.  These are the photos I took at Vat Mai.  There was still lots going.

The importance of this particular temple is manifold.  However, the main reason for its popularity during this time of the year is that Buddhist layfollowers come to pour water over what is considered the most revered Buddha statue in Luangprabang.  The act of doing this is called sohng pa in Lao.

Additionally, there is a traditional Lao orchestra playing in the front, Pra Lak Pra Lum performance in the back, as well as, vendors selling flowers, candles and water to be used as offerings at the temple all along the street directly next to the temple.

And of course all the additional sights of the temple itself such as the large Buddha inside the temple, the beautiful ornate carriage parked outside, temple murals on the exterior walls, etc.

Definitely worth the visit.

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