May 20, 2018

Prayer area at Talat Kuadin

Prayer area at Talat Kuadin

In Vientiane, next to the Talat Sao (Morning Market) there's Talat Kuadin where a wide selection of goods and prices are found.  In fact, a lot of locals prefer Kuadin over Talat Sao.

While visiting I noticed this little stall near the parking area.  It's a small veneration or prayer area.  It caught my attention because I didn't expect to find it in the middle of a market and also because it was quite pretty.

The water shooting nak (naga) fountain was my fave.  Additionally, the area was a adorned with a variety of Buddhist images and iconography including Buddha statues,  hermit Pa Leusi, Nang Kuak, and Nang Tolani, and a few others.

I suspect that this is specifically for the vendors to pray at while they wish for lots of sales and money.

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