October 23, 2018

End of Buddhist Lent ອອກ​ພັນ​ສາ

Monks collecting alms

October 24, 2018, marks the end of Buddhist lent (Lao: ອອກ​ພັນ​ສາ / awk pansa).  The celebrations include Buddhist ceremonies and going to the temple to partake in tak bat (which means to attend mass and give donations).  For the monks, this also means that they are permitted to travel and spend some time outside of the temple.

The non-religious events include loy katong (releasing of candle boats) and boun suang hua (boat racing festival).

Different towns and cities across the country have been holding their own boat racing festival at different times during the month of October.  For Vientiane, it'll be held on October 25, 2018.

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