October 25, 2018

Making a Katong ກະໂທງ

Making a Katong ກະໂທງ

As part of the End of Buddhist Lent (Awk Pansa ອອກພັນສາ) activities, people will also partake in the releasing of candle boats (loy gatong ລອຍກະໂທງ).

Many people will simply buy these beautiful handmade boats rather than make them as they are inexpensive and there are many people selling them.

However, on a personal note this year, I decided to make mine with friends.

The picture above shows the progression of my katong.  All materials are biodegradable and from the garden.

Much of the material used was from the banana plant including its stalk and leaves, as well as, flowers from the garden and the market.  After some assembling, my katong was topped off with incense and candles.

Everyone's katong turned out differently as it depended on the creativity of the individual making it.  Making it ourselves made it personal.  And it's a fun activity for whole family.

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