August 30, 2020

Couple of new, inexpensive Lao cook books

Lao Style Recipes by Barbara RiddleLaos Recipes by Ivy Hope

Do you enjoy Lao food?  I know I do!  I love Lao food (big surprise!?).  So I often check Amazon to see if there's been anything newly published about this topic.  Sure enough, I found a couple of newly published ones.  They're inexpensive and full of classic recipes.  

They're not big books by any means but they're simple and straightforward in their style - which is good because it makes recipes more approachable.  And sometimes Lao food can be known for tons of ingredients and time consuming cooking time.

I bought them at the same time so I figured I'd share them here in a single post as well.  Both were under USD$10.  If you're curious to see what they cover, I've included the table of contents below.  And if it interests you, you should definitely consider getting a copy for yourself.

Title:  Lao Style Recipes - A complete cookbook of tempting Asian dish ideas
By:  Barbara Riddle
Publisher, Year:, 2019
Pages:  90
Lao Style Recipes by Barbara Riddle

Title:  Laos Recipes
By:  Ivy Hope
Publisher, Year:, 2020
Pages:  76
Laos Recipes by Ivy HopeLaos Recipes by Ivy Hope

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