October 06, 2020

Happy Teacher's Day!

Lao National Teacher's Day

ວັນຄູແຫ່ງຊາດ Lao National Teacher's Day - October 7, 2020

In Laos, Lao National Teacher's Day is celebrated on October 7.  This differs slightly from World Teacher's Day that's on October 5.

While noticeably many other countries have let this day slide into oblivion, in many Asian countries, including Laos, this is still very much a special day where teachers and staff come together to celebrate and where their students give them little gifts and tokens of appreciation.

It's a day to say thanks to those who have devoted their lives to teaching others.  And in a country where teachers still make very little money, it's also a day to thank them for their sacrifices.

Happy Teacher's Day!

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