October 04, 2020

Lighting it up in Luangprabang

Awk Pansa in Luangprabang
Monks lighting up lanterns at their temple in Luangprabang.
During Awk Pansa (the end of Buddhist Lent), the Buddhist monks and the laity across the country celebrate by lighting up candles, paper lanterns, and fire boats.

In particular though, the town of Luangprabang has taken to this in a much bigger way than some of the other towns and cities in Laos.  

As such, it's among one of the places to visit during this time as it presents a real feast for the eyes.  Photographers and instagramers, locals and visitors, alike, delight in it.

Awk Pansa in Luangprabang
A temple in Luangrabang fully decked out in 
hanging lanterns, flower and star lanterns (pictured above).

Awk Pansa in Luangprabang
Before being released on to the water, there is the 
parade of fire boats in Luangprabang (pictured above).

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