December 17, 2022

Celebrity British Chef Gordon Ramsay names Laos the number 1 food destination

December 17, 2022 - As reported by NextShark, a Youtube video interview by Cho Seung-yeon posted on December 2, the interviewer asked where Gordon thought the number 1 food destination is.  He responded with 3 answers but the first out of his mouth was Lao.  He went on to mention Vietnam and also the Spanish city of Madrid and again repeated Lao before the interviewer went on to the next question.

What an honour!  Clearly, the celebrity chef is a fan of Lao food.  And perhaps it's simply high time that the world discovered Lao food.  Sure people know of Thai and Vietnamese food but Lao food has its own unique take on flavours and ingredients used, along with incorporating cuisines from its neighbours.  Somehow all of that yields something incredibly delicious and usually healthy.

Moreover, people might be surprised to learn that many Thai restaurants around the world often have Lao cooks in the kitchen.  In foreign countries, some Lao restaurants used to advertise as "Thai food" because that's what the local market would recognize.  As a result, many of you out there may have been eating Lao food for a long time now and not realize it.  

Have a look at the interview at time marker 3:47.

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