December 18, 2022

Laos based Youtube channels can now be monetized

Youtube logo

December 18, 2022 - As reported by and, Youtube has finally come around in allowing Lao youtubers to monetize their channels after years of Lao Youtube channels existing on the video sharing platform.

Previously, as a workaround, Lao youtubers would often use other countries such as Thailand in their profiles and connect it to their Thai bank accounts to be able to accept and transfer funds.

As for the types of videos, there has always been entertainment, travel and food videos of Laos on Youtube.  However, the newest trend now profile a deeper look into the country such as local markets, local food, elements of rural life, and even just driving around showing how development is changing the country.

Many Lao youtubers report having large numbers of foreign viewers.  Clearly, there's an interest there.  For their part, Lao youtubers are helping to fill this interest and show the online world what Laos has to offer.

Lao people of course have a penchant for consuming Thai media when it comes to watching tv.  This habit is also reflected in what they watch on Youtube as well.  As a result, Thai Youtube channels are also popular in Laos.

The ever increasing consumption of Youtube videos come on the heals of the popularity of Facebook (FB) in Laos, where many Lao people still associate the internet with Facebook.  In Laos, the use of FB among individuals and companies, and even government and non-government organizations is common. Moreover, in addition to using FB to connect to friends and family, Lao people will often use FB to also do their shopping.

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