February 16, 2024

Kpop Star Felix spotted in Laos

By:  Laoconnection.com, February 14, 2024

Felix Yongbok Lee from the famous Korean k-pop band Stray Kids was reportedly spotted in Laos last week.  He chose to spend his Lunar New Year vacation there doing volunteer work.  News outlets and social media in South Korea began reporting the news on February 7, 2024. 

Felix Yongbok Lee

The rapper/singer had previously expressed interest in volunteering but did not mention exactly where, only to say that he wanted to do so abroad.

Last month on January 4, the Korean Committee of UNICEF announced that Felix became UNICEF's youngest member of its Honours Club after he donated 100 million won (USD$75,000).  In particular, he was quoted as saying that he chose to specifically direct his donation towards UNICEF Laos' programs related to clean water, sanitation, hygiene and nutrition.

The big hearted performer's generosity also extends to other causes including his donation for emergency relief to Syria and Turkiye after earthquakes hit those countries in 2023 that caused over 40,000 deaths.  Felix also began a recurring donation to Save the Children since 2020.

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  1. That photo is NOT Felix, that I'd another member of Stray Kids 🙄