July 26, 2012

Typing in Lao

At Laoconnection.com we use Lao fonts we find online.  However for dedicated typing work, we use Tavultesoft's LaoScript for Windows program to type Lao.  Program was originally created by a guy named John Durdin.  It's not too expensive (paid under $30USD for it) and it's been around for ages.

It's useful in that you can type out with the Lao keyboard layout or type in standard QWERTY English keyboard and it can change the letters to a Lao character (that feature takes a bit of getting used to because of how they've decided to romanize Lao though).  It comes with built-in features and compatiblity with MS Word.  Not to mention they have similar software for a variety of languages, often ones that are overlooked by other companies.

Checkout their website at http://www.laoscript.net

They also have an online Lao Keyboard that anyone can use which is very handy to have.  Link:  http://www.keymanweb.com/go/lao/lao_2008_basic

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