September 10, 2012

When you visit, Laos what do you like to bring?

We all have that "extra something" that we choose to bring when we visit Laos.  Here's a little list of items we bring.

  • Books - Kids who are learning English love to read and practice their English so they're great to give away as gifts.
  • Candy - Especially chocolate bars, mostly this is just for ourselves ;-) but locals enjoy them too.
  • Pictures - Bringing pictures to show others is a great way to personalize and share a story or experience.  And they often speak louder than words especially when trying to convey ideas in a language that you might not be fluent in.
  • Medicine - Although you can find all sorts of meds in Laos, many people like to bring the brands they know and are accustom to.  We do the same (ex. Gravol is a life saver!).  
Is there something different, special or unusual you typically plan to bring to Laos when you visit?  Add your voice.

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