May 17, 2013

Lao-French Dictionaries and Translation Tools

The list below are just a few current options and resources available today for those who may need Lao and French language tools.

Online Translation of Words

Visit specifically this link where you can translate individual words.  Created by Vincent Berment.  Also you can try Google Translate.

Android App

Android App French Lao Dictionary 5.1 by Bede KeyFor those with Android devices there's an app called French Lao Dictionary 5.1 ($2-3USD).  Created by Bede Key.


Lao book review - ​ປະ​ທາ​ນຸ​ກົມ ​ລາວ-​ຝຣັ່ງ ​ຝຣັ່ງ-​ລາວ / Lexique Lao-Franais Francais-Lao by Souphaphone Soukhavong
Title:  ​ປະ​ທາ​ນຸ​ກົມ ​ລາວ-​ຝຣັ່ງ ​ຝຣັ່ງ-​ລາວ / Lexique Lao-Franais Francais-Lao / batanukom lao-falang falang-lao
By:  Ms. Souphaphone SoukhavongLao book reivew - Dictionnaire laotien-français by Marc ReinhornLao book review - Dictionnaire Français-Lao by Marc Reinhorn and Vincent Berment
Edited by:  Mr. Khamseng Sundara and Mr. Chanthapilith Chiemsisoulath
Publisher/Year:  unknown, 1992
ISBN:  ?

Lao book review - Nouveau Dictionnaire Lao-Francais by Lamvieng InthamoneTitle:  Dictionnaire laotien-français
By:  Marc Reinhorn
Publisher/Year/ISBN:  Éditions du Centre national de la recherche scientifique, 1st published 1970-71 (multiple editions, 2 volumes), 2842791029
Publisher/Year/ISBN:  Éditions You Feng, 2001 (single volume), 2842791022
Price:  91.50 €

Title:  Dictionnaire Français-Lao
By:  Marc Reinhorn with Vincent Berment
Publisher/Year:  Éditions You Feng, 2013 (single volume)
ISBN:  9782842795238
Price:  75 €
- The new edition has additions that were added and completed by Vincent Berment

Title:  Nouveau Dictionnaire Lao-Français
By:  Lamvieng Inthamone
Publisher/Year:  Éditions You Feng, 2011
ISBN:  9782842795139
Price:  70 €

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