May 31, 2013

Lao Seaweed Snacks

I've always been curious about how this particular snack, made from seaweed, is made.  It's so delicious, healthy and light.  It's often accompanied as a side snack during meals or as just a snack all on its own.
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Not only does it provide vitamins and minerals to those that eat it, it also provides a livelihood to those who cultivate the plants, farm it and process it into edible snacks and sell them.  It goes by many names including seaweed, river weed, sea plants, rock algae, etc.  In Lao, it's called kai heen in its raw form and kai paen in its finished state.

Found a great webpage that shows step by step how they do it which was shared to them by Facebook user Joost.  Check it out at at

P.S.  The name of this website is also the title of a book by the same name and by the same authors.  My initial online glimpses of the book is that it's beautifully made and wonderfully photographed and written.  Once we get our hands on the book, a book review will surely follow.  In the meanwhile, check out their website.

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