May 20, 2013

New Lao Photo Magazine - Free!

Like these pictures?  It's from an awesome new Lao photographic magazine. It features the impeccably beautiful and engaging photographs of life in Laos, along with some other random photos of international locales.  The majority, if not all, photos are from its stable of Lao photographers in Laos.

What's more, is that the issues are available for viewing online or you can download them for free at their website!  So far they have just 2 issues but this is a wonderful start for them.  Check out the related links below.

From the April 2013 issue:

Buddhist Nun at the Wat Phu Festival.
Photo Credit: Pong Phoonsab,

Actual photo of Kuangsi Waterfall in Luangprabang (it's not a painting!).
Photo Credit:  Thipphakorn Manivong,
 Wat Phu Festival at night.
Photo Credit:  Pong Phoonsab,

From the May 2013 issue:
Blessing the Buddha statues at temple during Lao New Year Celebration.
Photo Credit:  Thipphakorn Tatum Manivong,
Lao New Year celebrations in Luangprabang.
Photo Credit:  Bee Jazz-Rock,
Man fishing with his dog.
Photo Credit:  Pong Phoonsab,


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