May 01, 2013

Lao Stew - Meaty, Veggie, Herby

Those 3 words in the title of this post are how I would characterize Lao stews (orlam).  However just to be more professional I'll say it like this:  Orlam is full of meat and vegetables combined into a stew with deep herbal fragrances, a light touch of padek, and thicken with crushed sticky rice.  It's a staple recipe in every Lao household.  This is certainly one of those must learn recipes for any Lao chef.

Now if that doesn't get you onto it, try watching this video.  Looks delicious!

Credit:  Video by Allan Robertson with Joy Ngeuamboupha of Tamarind Restaurant in Luangprabang.

Commonly spelled as orlam (but pronounced as aw lam), it refers to a Lao beef stew.  The word aw refers specifically to stews.  You can make different types of aw with different meat but traditionally it's made with beef and small pieces of water buffalo hide.  This is a really nice video showing you step by step how to make beef awlam which is considered one of Laos' most popular dishes.  Love that they have a beautiful Luangprabang garden and pond as a backdrop. 

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