March 19, 2018

Mister Ocean Laos 2017

Mister Ocean Laos 2017 Xayaveth Punbasert
Xayaveth Punbasert.  Photo Credits:  Mister Ocean Laos, First Lao Modeling

During last year's first ever Mister Ocean competition, Laos was well represented by Xayaveth Punbasert ໄຊຍະເວດ ພັນປະເສີດ.  He was among 45 international contestants at the competition that took place in Taipei, Taiwan back in November 2017.

He is a model with the agency First Modeling Lao in Vientiane.

To see more, you can see him on Facebook here.  Or click over to the Mister Ocean Laos 2017 Facebook Page and also the Mister Ocean Facebook Page.

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