March 24, 2018

Want to learn English or Lao?

​ຢາກຮຽນພາສາອັງກິດຫຼືພາສາລາວ​ບໍ Here are some videos that might help you.

ການອອກສຽງ - Th,Ch,Sh.
Video Credit:  DICLaos, August 12, 2013, via Youtube

They're from 2013 and 2014.  The video above was created by American and Canadian Deseret International  Charities volunteers.  The aim of the videos on their Youtube Channel were meant to teach Lao speakers how to speak English and also to help show some of the work they were doing.  But on the flip side they could be useful to English speakers wanting to learn Lao too.

In another series of very helpful videos with a similar group of volunteers, more videos were made under The Asha Foundation.  Here's one of their videos discussing verbs.

Video Credit:  The Asha Foundation, July 21, 2014, via Youtube

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