August 01, 2012 14th Annivesary!!!!! 14th Anniversary

Yes, it's been 14 years since was created!  It's crazy, right?  Even we can't believe it! originally began on August 1 1998 with very humble beginnings.  And when I say humble beginnings, I mean by an 18 year old in his bedroom on a 486 IBM computer who had a simple dream to educate the online world about all things Lao.  That is a goal we still carry even today.

Since redoing the whole site in April 2012 on Lao New Year, we've been pleasantly surprised and deeply honored by the number of visitors to the site even after so many years.

We hope to continue to bring to all our visitors useful, fun and educational stuff about all things Lao.  Feel free to post questions and comments.  We love hearing from you.

Here's to the future and hopefully many more years of! :-)

Sokdee, Team

P.S.  Did we mention yet that the site is 14 years old!?!?!?! :-p


  1. Happy anniversary!!! You should put an example sentence in with the word of the day so we know how the word is to be used and mention whether it's a verb or a noun and what not if applicable.