August 07, 2012

RESULTS! Lao Athletes at Summer Olympics 2012

THE RESULTS!  For those following the Olympics (like we are) here are the competition results for our 3 Lao athletes.

  • Phathana Inthavong, Men's 50m Freestyle Swimming
    Competed Thursday August 2 2012 (approx 10am) in the Aquatics Centre
    Heat 1, Rank 2 (out of 3 in his heat), Lane 4, Time 28.17
  • Laenly Phoutthavong, Women's 100m Run
    Competed at Preliminaries Friday August 3 2012 (approx 10:40am) in the Olympic Stadium
    Heat 3, Rank 6 (out of 7 in her heat), Bib #2384, Time 13.15
  • Kilakone Siphonexay, Men's 100m Run
    Competed at Preliminaries Saturday August 4 2012 (approx 10am)  in the Olympic Stadium
    Heat 1, Rank 6 (out of 7 in his heat), BIB #2383, Time 11.30
Unfortunately none of our athletes advanced.  However we applaud their effort!

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