August 13, 2012

We is on Facebook, yo! :)

Sabaidee everyone!  Just a quick post to let our wonderful visitors (that's you!) that we're also on Facebook.  If you enjoy our website, we'd appreciate if you'd like us on there.

You can follow us on Facebook as well by adding our page to your list of interests where you'll get updates about posts on our website, among other things.  It's also another added avenue for you to be able to communicate with us too.

We love to hear from you so feel free to add messages or comments on blog posts here on the main site or on Facebook - your choice.



  1. Hello,
    I would like to ask group some questions and and share some ideas. How do I contact you by mail? Can't find any adress here.

    1. Sabaidee ABCDLaos! Thanks for visiting us.

      We purposely left out our e-mail for 2 reasons. (1) In the past we often would get lots of spam once we release our e-mail. (2) We want to encourage open discussion directly here on the blog site or on our Facebook page.

      We hope you'll understand our position. Also others may be interested in what you have to say as well so please feel free to post questions here. :-)

      P.S. Your ABCDLaos website is awesome! Keep up the great work. We love websites that encourage learning Lao language.

    2. Well, I understand your point. It’s ok!

      I was wondering what is your motivation for doing this blog? I can tell it is a language and cultural blog, but my question is more like to who is this info targeted. Why dont you spread the word on fb massively?
      I think there is a lot of info in this blog that REALLY WORTH to be read by much more people.

      On the other hand, I am interested in the section -daily Lao word- in fact, I had thought it for my blog or a fb account, but then, time is not by my side so it remained as a project.

      So, I came up whit this: What if I collaborate with your group by sending cards/images/charts about this section to reinforce efforts?
      I am not fluent in Lao language but I can ask for help or use the dictionary.


    3. You've asked really good questions. Let's answer them in order:

      - Motivation for the website. Mainly just to educate people about Lao culture and language. Keep in mind, when we first started in 1998 there were only a handful of really good Lao websites on the internet. Now there are tons of sites - which is great! We often promoted Lao website creation.

      - Who are we targeting? Those seeking info on Lao culture whether they themselves are Lao or non-Lao, young or old. We try to keep it interesting. Sometimes we post things that are may be a bit out of date but are still relevant and useful. We want to share the info we have or things we find that may be useful to others. The site stats indicate people from all over the world are visiting our site.

      - Compliments. We're so honored by your comments! Thank you. We're happy to hear that you enjoy the site.

      - Facebook. Believe it or not, we are very NEW on FB. After the recent revamp of in April 2012, we also created the FB Page. We're continually updating our FB page and we hope people will connect with us on there and help spread the word. We'll be looking into doing more FB promotions as well.

      - About Lao word of the day. We have a list of words we've chosen and we're continually adding to it. We try to select words we think people can learn from and find useful. The Word of the Day is in addition to the general Lao language posts too of course. So there's quite a bit of vocabulary stuff we post. We're always open to suggestions and appreciate your offer. We'll contact you through your site, if there's contact info there so we can discuss this further.

      Hope that answers it all. Thanks.

  2. All doubts were answered. Thank you for your response =)

  3. Hi Laoconnection, I really appreciate your website and work. I was wondering if you email out Lao words of the day or only post them on your website?

    1. Sabaidee hap lao, we're happy to see you're interested in the Lao Word of the Day. At this point in time we don't have an e-mailing out of the LWOD. We only post on our website here and also through our Facebook page. You also have the option of reading our posts through RSS feeds though.

      You'll just have to keep visiting! :)