December 01, 2012

Land of the Sky/Heaven - Lao Students Story Writing

Officially they're calling it Critical and Creative Writing Development for Lao Youth. The book is called Land of the Sky (or the translation could also be Land of Heaven or Heaven's Land).

This is an awesome literary project involving stories written by students from Paksong, Champassak.  With support from an iNGO called Global Association for People and the Environment (GAPE).

It's great to see talented young writers get into literature and creative story writing. If you're looking for bilingual Lao/English literature online this is a great site for that too. You can download and view a variety of stories.

Many of the stories have lessons to be learned (almost like parables) such as the story of The Fish Are Gone and That Friend of Our's.  There's at least 21 stories posted on their website. 

Also, you can help in 2 ways, if you so desire:
Check them out at:

- Thanks to ABCDLaos for sharing this link with us.


  1. Sorry, I just remember about another organization: Big Brother Mouse.