December 11, 2012

The 3rd Luangprabang Film Festival 2012

The 3rd Luangprabang Film Festival 2012 recently took place on December 1-5.  Its tag line:   Celebrating Southeast Asian Cinema.  It covered a wonderful array of Lao short films, SE Asian regional films, music and dance events as well as panel discussions.

Poster cover of the Luangprabang Film Festival 2012 Dec 1-5

List of films include (in order of appearance at the festival):

  • Garuda in My Heart
  • Bunohan
  • Six Degrees of Separatin from Lilia Cuntapay
  • Mother's Soul
  • Chanthaly
  • The Cheer Ambassadors
  • Boundary
  • Enemies of the People
  • Bounthanh:  List in the City
  • Mindfullness and Murder
  • Help!  My Girlfriend is a Vampire
  • Already Famous
  • Golden Slumbers
  • It Gets Better
  • Hak Aum Lum
  • Land Beneath the Fog
  • The Dance of an Alchemist
  • Father's Way
  • Who Killed Chea Vichea?
  • Always on My Mind
  • In April the Following Year, There was a Fire
  • Postcards From the Zoo
  • With or Without Me
  • Dance of Two Left Feet
  • 24 Hours of Anger
  • Chang
  • I Carried You Home
  • A program of Lao short films
Screenings took place at the LPFF indoor venue at Amantaka, outdoor venue at the handicraft market, and the LPFF visitor center at Project Space.

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