December 29, 2012

The Isan (old movie from 1970s)

The Japanese title translates to Children of the Northeast while the Thai title translates to Children of Isan.  It's an old movie from the 1970s about the Isan people that I found on Youtube.

In particular it follows the life a hardworking farmer and his family.  I love the lullaby the mother sings at the beginning of the film (0:04:00) and there's a good quotable line at 2:08:00 when the father asks what the son has learned.  The son replies:

wake up like a crow
sleep like a dog
look for food like a chicken

I've never really seen an old Isan movie until this one.  Their spoken accent in the movie is one I don't hear often.  But if you know Lao, you will understand it just fine as they are speaking Lao, not Thai.  It's an interesting look into the way of life during that past time period.

Sidenote:  The Isan region is in northeastern Thailand.  It was previously Lao territory.

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