December 03, 2014

List of Different Lao Textiles

Borrowed from's 2011 post on a list of some of the different sinh or seen that Lao women wear.  As described in the post, the names and ways in which the textiles are identified related to what technique or material that was used, which ethnic group it's often associated with or perhaps named for a particular motif.
  • seen mee (ikat)
  • seen muk (supplementary warp)
  • seen kor / sinh chok (discontinuous supplementary weft)
  • seen keet (continuous supplementary weft)
  • seen korm (twisted weft yarns)
  • seen dteen seo (embroidery hem)
  • seen dtee tam nae (compound weave hem weaving with no comb)
  • seen khan (vertical stripe)
  • seen kaan (horizontal stripe)
  • seen talan (horizontal stripe with white ikat)
  • seen paa pan ((horizontal stripe with a different color ikat but not white)
  • seen symor (horizontal stripe)
  • seen maan (horizontal stripe with white ikat and supplementary)
  • seen kaan ngouang (horizontal stripe with supplementary and with no ikat)
  • seen ling (hem and waist band attached to Ling silk fabric from China)
  • seen dteen keet (hem supplementary weft)
  • seen dteen soung (large hem)
  • seen dteen talat (large horizontal supplementary band hem)
  • seen hua bouan (special design at the waistband)
  • seen aew khai (special design at the waistband)
  • seen tai Nam Noen (refers to people who live along Nam Noen river)
  • seen Phuan tai Khang (refers to people who live at Khang District)
  • seen Lue (refers to Lue ethnic)
  • seen fy (refers to cotton material)
  • seen my (refers to silk material)
  • seen my kum (gold silk)
  • seen my ngeun (silver silk)

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