December 01, 2014

Nyob Zoo Xyoo Tshiab! Happy (Hmong) New Year!

It's the beginning of December which marks the Hmong New Year.  They have a rich culture and very unique traditions and celebrations and are a large ethnic minority within Laos.

Here's a wonderful video from this past New Year with a beautiful song and footage of what goes on during traditional Hmong New Year.  Enjoy!

Video Credit:  Youtube user ehmongdvd.

Background:  Hmong, also known as maew or miao, are an ethnic minority group in Southeast Asia whose numbers are estimated at over 4 million world-wide with at least 3 million living in China and at least half a million in Laos.  In Southeast Asia their people are primarily concentrated in Southern China, northern Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.  Outside of Asia, the largest communities are in America such as those found in Minnesota and California. 

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