December 29, 2014

Why Book Reviews?

Whenever I tell people about this blog and about how I include book reviews, I always get this blank stare.  It feels as though there's an implied sentiment that books are boring and "why would I post reviews of it?"

So to expand a bit further, I thought I'd share my reasons:

  • To support writers, researchers and publishers who put out stuff about Laos, regardless of whether they are themselves Lao or non-Lao.  Growing up, I always found it a challenge to find books on Laos and Lao culture so I'm happy to see there's more and more available.  I still wish there were more but I can admit that there's been positive growth generally in this area.
  • There are others who have the same interest and hopefully would be interested to read what I have written.
  • There's a lack of knowledge on what's available out there.  In sharing my reviews, it is hoped that people will be motivated to go out a read the books and other literature for themselves.  While my reviews are generally positive, I do include my criticisms as well.  My impressions and opinions are my own.  Others who read the same book may have a completely different impression and that's fine.  I love hearing feedback and having discussions.
  • Lastly, because I am a bookworm and I love books.  It doesn't mean I always believe or agree with what I'm reading but certainly it's a learning experience nonetheless.  (P.S.  I generally gravitate towards non-fiction stuff.)
I'd also like to add that we do not benefit in any way, whether monetarily or otherwise, from the books or other literature that are posted on

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