February 25, 2018

Food Market Upclose - Veggie Soup Mix

Food Market Upclose - Veggie Soup Mix

You don't have to be a vegetarian to appreciate these beautifully bundled up vegetable ingredients all conveniently grouped together and ready for people to buy.  As a foodie, who doesn't love the sight of bright, fresh vegetables?

For anyone who knows southeast Asian food, you can probably easily guess what this would be made into.  I surmise an aromatic and spicy soup, perhaps tom yum?  Of course, these ingredients will provide a nice base for whichever Lao soup dish you decide to make.

After adding the ingredients shown above, you can make it your own by adding additional protein like tofu and shrimp and more veg such as mushrooms.  You can stop there and enjoy it with rice. 

Alternatively, you can change the direction and try adding noodles, fish sauce, a bit of sugar and lime.  The ingredients are versatile and allow you to be creative in the kitchen.

Looking at the picture, try naming all of the items you see before reading further.

Ingredients:  galangal, lemon grass, red chili peppers, zucchini, string beans, leafy greens.

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