February 17, 2018

Laos has the youngest average population in Asia

Original Title:  How Asia’s Population is Ageing, 2015-2030 Scenario
By:  DataLEADS, February 15, 2018

NEW DELHI - The proportion of people aged 60 and over is projected to grow in all Asian countries with Japan and South Korea aging faster than their neighbours. Laos will remain the youngest nation in Asia.
Laos has the youngest average population in Asia

Asia is on track to have the oldest population in the world in next few decades.  Japan has the largest population of elderly people at 33.1 per cent.  It is projected that the elderly population in the country in next decade and more will grow by 37.3 per cent.

South Korea is growing older faster than any other country.  The older population is projected to grow from 18.5 per cent to 31.4 per cent by 2030.  The country for the first time has more older people than younger people. It reached the cusp of becoming an older society much before its neighbours.

Thailand is the third rapidly aging country in Asia.  Thailand’s population is projected to grow by 26.9 per cent by 2030 which means one out of four Thais will be a senior citizen.

China’s one child policy has resulted in the demographic transition the Japan way. The aged population is projected to grow from 15. 2 per cent to 25. 3 per cent.  Analysts state that this will have a negative impact on China’s growing economy as the work force will shrink faster than its overall population.

Sri Lanka has the fifth rapidly growing population of older people in Asia.  The country’s older population is estimated to grow at 21 per cent by 2030.  Vietnam is also aging quickly with 17.5 per cent people projected to be old by 2030 which means one third of total population would be old. Country has proposed two child solution and increasing retirement age to increase the labour force in order to deal with burden of aging population.  Indonesia has ninth rapidly growing population in Asia that will grow to 13. 2 per cent by 2030.

India remains a young nation.  It has currently 8.9 per cent of older population.  It is projected by 2030 the country will have 12.5 per cent of population that will be old. In 2008 India revised the scheme for older people to provide nursing care centres and respite care homes.  Nepal will have 10. 8 per cent older population by 2030

Philippines and Bangladesh will see an increase to 10.3 and 11.5 respectively.  Cambodia, Pakistan and Mongolia will have an increase in older population by 10.4, 8.4 and 11.9 respectively.

Laos will ​remain the youngest nation in Asia and is estimated to have just 8.1 per cent population aged 60 and over by 2030.

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