February 19, 2018

The guys compete too!

Lithideth Sorphabmixay
Lithideth Sorphabmixay.  Photo Credit:  Prince of Naka

On Laoconnection.com, we've posted on previous female beauty pageants.  However, just to round things out and make it fair, it should be mentioned that Lao men are also competing in similar competitions and sometimes win as well.

Last year in 2017, we saw:
  • Lithideth Sorphabmixay, pictured above, who won 1st place in season 2 of the Prince of Naka 2017 competition that took place in Nongkhai, Thailand.  For those who watch LaoStarTV, you'll recognize him as one of their soft spoken and knowledgeable hosts.
  • Chanthachone Vilaisarn, pictured below, competed in the Manhunt International 2017 competition in Bangkok, Thailand.  He was 2nd runner up for the Loo Chang Huat Model Award and was also one of the winners of the Best Participant Awards.

Chanthachone Vilaisarn
Chanthachone Vilaisarn.  Photo Credit:  Manhunt International

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