October 23, 2012

Coffee and Land Rights in Paksong, Champassak

Article Title:  Coffee Colonialism in Laos, June 20 2012
By Asia Times Online with reporting from Beaumont Smith.

Article discusses land concessions sold by Champassak Governor Siphandone to Outspan Boloven, a subsidiary of agribusiness giant Olam International (Singapore).  The issue at hand is that the land belongs to people already living and farming the land and they're fighting for the land and their livelihoods.

Land rights is becoming a huge issue in Laos in the last decade or so as its lush forests and fertile soil are sold off on long-term concessions to foreign companies with little or no compensation to the local villages already situated on the land.

Read complete article at Asia Times:
Link:  http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Southeast_Asia/NF20Ae01.html

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