October 13, 2012

Directory of NGOs in the Lao PDR

The first edition of the Directory of NGOs in Laos was first published in 1990.  Additional editions were then printed in 1993, 1994, 1997 and so fourth.  In fact, as I recall the early editions definitely came in a yellow cover much like the Yellow Pages directory.

Its creation was endorsed by the government and the work essentially completed by a large number of people but especially by the iNGO community in Laos.  I haven't seen a printed copy of the directory recently, though they may still be printed.  Instead they do have a website that's updated regularly.

The site has grown to include not only info on iNGOs working in Laos but also, among other things, job and news postings.  Most importantly though, it's a great way to see what projects are going on in different parts of Laos and by which NGO. 

The site is now supported by iNGO (Lao) Network.

Link:  http://www.directoryofngos.org

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