October 20, 2012

Lao Orphan Malika Hopes to Find Family

Help her find her long lost family!

Lao orphan - Malika, Mollie Mallone

In summary, she was an orphan from the That Kao Orphanage and was adopted by a doctor and her husband who was an American diplomat in the late 1960s.  Now all grown up having lived in America, married and with a child of her own, she still retains a strong desire to find out who her family were and to learn more about her roots.  And understandably so.  Check out the article and spread the word - perhaps someone might recognize the pictures and have an idea of where she came from or who her family were.

This is no doubt a huge challenge as there is very little records left to go on.  Moreover, at the time of her birth and adoption there was a lot turmoil in Laos.  Miracles can happen though.  We hope she succeeds!

Read more about her at this link at LaoAmericanMagazine.com.

Side note:  This article made us wonder how many other Lao orphans were adopted by foreigners as this is not typical.  If you know of any others, please comment below.

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