October 25, 2012

List of Lao Magazines

There's no shortage of magazines in Laos these days.  Not even 8 years ago there were perhaps 4 regularly and widely available magazines in Laos.  Now there are at least 2 dozen.  Plus when you consider, the many government ministries or their subgroups, the Buddhist Sangha, and general cultural and literary publications, it's quite a lot to choose from - gotta love it!  Visit any bookstore in Vientiane, you'll see the variety.

What we've seen here are 3 things:
  1. A strong display of interest by the public.
  2. The government (in particular the Ministry of Information and Culture) opening its doors to the industry and adapting to the desire of the people to be able to have these things.  In some cases, they offer to send magazines to other government locations including embassies free of charge for the magazine publisher.
  3. Many industry players (ie. publishers and advertising companies) getting in and helping to fill what once was a magazine void in Laos.
Overall the quality of Lao magazines continues to go up.  Currently though the more popular ones are magazines directed towards teens and young adults.  And others are simply travel magazines.  However the variety is growing.

Below is a list of the more commonly known and available magazines.  It's by no means an exhaustive list as we know there are lots more.  And if there's any others you know of and would like to mention, please feel free to add comments below.

(in alphabetical order)

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