October 25, 2012

Fun Online Travel Shows Visit Laos

It seems Laos is not such a secret travel spot anymore these days.  All too often if I mention Laos, I no longer get the "where's that?" statement as often as I once did. On that note, found videos on Youtube from a couple of different users.  Apparently everyone has their own online travel show series these days.  Must love Youtube for that!

Here's 2 that we found.

They are generally interesting and fun to watch.  Since touristy places tend to get shown the most, what I find most interesting are seeing things or places that aren't typically visited or shown.  Below are some notes on why we found their videos worth mentioning here.

  • Fun young couple who travel to Southern Laos.  If you've never seen the southern most tip of Laos, watch this video.  They visit a variety of places including the waterfalls, small villages, etc.  They aren't afraid to go off the beaten path and to get to know the locals.  Shown below:

  • The group doing this video is a group of guys.  The main host is a musician and so his videos have a focus on music, musical instruments, trying different ethnic instruments, and shopping for instruments.  Watch him play his guitar and even the khene or have a random on-the-fly jam session with the locals.  These guys as well aren't afraid to go off the beaten path to get to know the locals.  Part 1 shown below (3 in all).

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