October 06, 2012

Watch Lao TV Online for Free

If you've never seen what Lao TV looks like, here's an opportunity to do so without having to get a satellite.

LaoStar lets you to watch Lao tv online on their website through live video feeds.  You get access to 5 channels on there, previously there were 3.  The content essentially includes news, public service channel, music and entertainment.

Channel Listing:

  • Lao Star 
  • Lao Star Music 
  • Lao National TV 1
  • Lao National TV 3
  • Lao Public Service TV

Check it out at http://www.laostartv.com/


  1. Update: The availability of the channels seems to vary from time to time and the variety of channels has changed from 2 to 5 and now recently to 3 channels online.