November 09, 2012

Huge Collection of Lao Postcards

There's a French website (though there is some English on there too) that focuses exclusively on postcards from Laos, old and new.  The website is simply called Les Cartes Postales Anciennes et Modernes Du Laos.

Huge Collection of Lao PostcardsHuge Collection of Lao Postcards

Some of the more fascinating postcards are the old black and white photos from long ago.  But there's an entire range of postcards that have been categorized on this website.  I just love browsing through all the pictures.

When I visited Laos I can't deny, I did the same thing!  I bought probably 200-300 postcards because I thought the images were unique, beautiful or special in some way.  The person who has done this website, has definitely put a lot of effort into this.
Huge Collection of Lao Postcards
For the most part there's no specific focus on any one photographer.  There's a whole range of Lao and French photographers and artists whose works are featured on this site and in the postcards themselves.
Huge Collection of Lao Postcards

Check it out!  Link:

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