November 10, 2012

Lao Language: Expressions of Time

Lao language - expressions of time - written in Lao and English


  1. old,ancient= ບູຮານ not ບຸຮານ
    a long time ago= ນານມາແລ້ວ (narn mar leo) ດົນນານມາແລ້ວ( don narn mar leo) ຄາວແຕ່ກີ້( (kao tae gee) ຕອນແຕ່ກີ້(thorn tae gee)

  2. We stand corrected on ບູຮານ and ໃນປະຈຸບັນນີ້. Thanks.

    As for the other ways of saying "a long time ago", these are all great suggestions, thank you for mentioning them. 0ur visitors will get to see the different ways of saying that. Though ຕອນແຕ່ກີ້ is the more simpler and commonly used one.

    Kop chai der.

  3. You're welcome!
    I concur with long time ago definition- ຕອນແຕ່ກີ້ (dton tae gee) for simpler version. To make it shorter, I also use ແຕ່ກີ້ (dtae gee).

  4. This is very helpful website about Laos. Very informative. Kob jai lai lai der.

  5. Lao pronunciation is simply Saignabuli or even Saigna.
    I worked and lived there in a while and, as a Breton, I can'nt understand why the french colonial administration wanted to wright Xaignabouli!
    A Breton from Brittany